In ancient times...

Singer, songwriter, guitarist, and San Francisco Bay Area treasure, Mikie Lee Prasad followed the stars and gathered a ragged band of his most trusted musicians who shared a love of the sea, sharks, pirates, New Orleans, and hobos. Out of this grog-infused meeting the Shark Alley Hobos were spawned.
Drawing upon timeless ballads of the sea, modern day spirits-inspired sing-a-longs, and original songs of wanderlust and debauchery, the Shark Alley Hobos will have you shivering your timbers and raising a glass to good friends and good times. This group of ne'er do wells, with their passion, punctuality, and crowd-pleasing roguery, have led many an awestruck bartender to lament, "We're gonna need a bigger bar."
Come join the Shark Alley Hobos for an evening you'll wish you could remember.

The Shark Alley Hobos are:
Mikie Lee Prasad (guitar, piano, mandolin, vocals)
Che Prasad (guitar, banjo, uke, sitar, accordion, vocals)
John Howard (guitar, steel guitar, piano, vocals)
Chris Franklin (guitar, vocals)
Dan Stanton (bass, vocals)
Johnny "Bongo" Koeller (percussion, vocals)
Mark Carrabello (drums, vocals)
Dave Bell (guitar, vocals)
Manny Bernal (guitar, vocals)
Chris Burns (keyboards)
Dr. Bob (backing vocals)